blatant disregard squander


his blatant disregard for the law

blatant disobedience/discrimination


She completely disregarded all our objections.

The government has shawn a total disregard for the needs of the poor.

his reckless disregard of his passengers' safety


The council has been squandering the ratepayers' money.

to squander a valuable opportunity


Shut the stable door after the horse has bolted.

articulate it figures wow impeccable

articulate 歯切れのよい、発音の明瞭な、(自分の考えを)はっきり述べることができる

it figures that ~  そうらしい

wow  あっと言わせる、ワオと言わせる

impeccable 欠点のない、申し分のない

pec → つつく つつくことのできない?

⇒peccare : to sin


let me sleep on it. I'm gung-ho! baker's dozen zilch pie May I have a large container of coffee? suit yourself a waste of make-up TGIF as clear as mud close call ! good grief ! I'm hooked. half dead

let me sleep on it. 一晩、考えさせてください。

I'm gung-ho! やる気満々

baker's dozen 13 上客に1個おまけしたことから

zilch   zero

pie   円周率

May I have a large container of coffee?   3.1415926

suit yourself 勝手にすれば

a waste of make-up  骨折り損のくたびれ儲け

TGIF  Thanks God It's Friday.

as clear as mud  ちんぷんかんぷん

close call ! ぎりぎりだった。やばかった。

good grief !  なんてことだ grief  厄介、面倒

I'm hooked.  夢中になる、虜になる

half dead  へとへと、疲労困憊


Howdy p's and q's Z's scoot over

Howdy   How do you do?


p's and q's 行儀作法、マナー

Z's 睡眠

Soup's on.

Come and get it.

scoot over ずれる、ちょっと詰める

slide over   move over

where's the fire?

go easy on something を控えめにする、お手柔らかに

party animal 乱痴気騒ぎが好きな人

party pooper 場を白けさせる人

you crack me up ウケル

fat chance マサカ

I vegged out. ゴロゴロしていた

you have a green thumb. 植物を育てるのが上手

take a hike. あっちに行け。

warehouse arbor vows

warehouse 倉庫
rocking the rugrats
yosemete ヨーシミティ
table topper
foil balloon
arbor あずまや
glittery きらきら光る
vows 誓い
The vows are here. The party's there. Love is everywhere.
A good marriage is made of two good forgivers.